Lexie Fyfe's Biography

Lexie Fyfe


Height: 5'4"

Weight: 150 lbs.

Eyes: Blue

Hair: brown, blond, red, purple, black, fuchsia or any combination of the above!

Birthday: May 30


I have four. One on my upper left thigh is a dragon sitting on a crystal ball. One is a vine that wraps around my right ankle and across my foot. A peace sign inside of a heart is on the back of my neck. That one was a Christmas present from Lacey and Rain!! My newest one is a red hibicus flower on the shin of my left leg. Hibiscus flowers are my favorite. I have 6 hibicus bushes at my house in all different colors!!

Just a few of the promotions I've worked for:

SHIMMER- Women's Athletes
Ultimate Pro Wrestling (California)
Full Impact Pro Wrestling (Florida)
International Championship Wrestling (military base tours)
Frontier Wrestling Alliance (UK)
All Star Wrestling- UK
Bang!- Dory Funk Jr's promotion
Cleveland All Pro (Ohio)
IWA-Midsouth (Indiana)
Southern Championship Wrestling(Florida)
WWE- House shows and one Sunday Night Heat tv appearance
WCW- Saturday Night Superstars
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My Wrestling Life

Let's see, my life in a few words... I was born in Denville, New Jersey where I spent most of my life with a couple of years in Toledo, Ohio and St. Petersburg, Florida when I was very young.

I went to Elon College in North Carolina and now reside in Tampa, Florida after a couple of years in Jeffersonville, Indiana. I still miss New Jersey a lot, but it's nice to come home to some peace and quiet after being on the road with a bunch of wrestlers. And I don't miss the snow!

Okay, for those of you who wonder how I got involved in wrestling, here's my story. I love wrestling. I had watched it for years but never said that I wanted to be a wrestler when I grow up. The opportunity presented itself and I took it.
I met Brandi Wine (Collins) when we both had "real" jobs. Brandi was valeting at the time for the Beastmaster Rick Link and Tim Blaze. She introduced me to some local promoters who were looking for female wrestlers. Ken Spence, who runs a wrestling school in Winston Salem, NC, talked me into coming early to one of the next shows. I got in the ring with a couple of the wrestlers and learned some simple moves. I loved it! I started training at Ken's school right after that in April of 1995. During our training, Brandi and I had a parting of ways. We had conflicting opinions on how business should be taken care of in the ring. This lead to a feud that lasted a long, long time. I can't say that we have patched things up, but on occasion we have had to pair up as a tag team. We deal with it as best we can, but I still would rather see her across the ring from me than in my corner!

I stayed at Spence's school for a little over a year while learning the basic techniques of wrestling. Feeling that I needed to become more versatile and learn different styles, I left Spence's school. I had met Matt Hardy on a show and he invited me down to their training place. In fact, I was thinking about leaving wrestling because I didn't feel that I was progressing in the ring. I decided to give the OMEGA camp a try and that's the only reason that I'm still in wrestling to this day. I learned so much there especially about the psychology of a wrestling match. Also, I had the chance to learn valuable skills from the "unpredictable" Johnny Rodz who has trained such stars as Taz and Saturn. I visited his school probably 6 times on various trips to the New York area. He was nice enough to allow me to come train when I was in town. I continue to learn every day from different wrestlers that I meet throughout my travels. I love to hop in the ring to learn things. In fact I always joke that I am more comfortable in the ring than anywhere else! (Not sure how much of a joke that is!!)

Well, now it's around 13 years later and I'm still wrestling everywhere I can! I have crossed off almost all of the goals that I have made for myself. I've helped other wrestlers get started and my husband and I have our own business SLAMmin Promotions. We developed a successful site- SLAMminladies.com plus run 7 other sites that all have to do with wrestling. So I'm actually making a living from wrestling!! I've wrestled on live tv and traveled to almost all the places that I have wanted to. I've wrestled in 33 different states and 12 countries so far. Always hoping to add to that total!!

I must say that this is an addiction. I don't think that I could quit wrestling now if I tried. I love the crowds, the workouts, the athleticism. I even don't mind the pain... well, not too much. Okay, sometimes the pain sucks! I feel really blessed that I have the opportunity to make a living doing something that I have such a passion for. If everyone could have a job that they love this much, the world would be a better place. Anyway, that's my wrestling story...so far...


Pets- My husband and I live in Florida with our 5 cats- Chloe, Mindy, Tater, Iggy and Gimmick. They are all rescued cats and are a joy (most times!). Please spay or neuter your pets- we can't adopt them all!! We love dogs too but with our travel schedule, cats are a little easier to take care of. We have a great cat sitter!

Favorite colors- purple and red

Favorite foods- Ice cream and chocolate!!!

Favorite music- I like all kinds except maybe Opera. I have a wide variety of music in my cd collection.

Favorite movies- I like musicals so "Sound of Music" and "The Wizard of OZ" top my list. I absolutely love to go to the movies. I'd go every week if I had the time. I rarely watch tv but I will rent movies to watch from time to time. Nothing beats seeing them in a theater though!

Favorite authors- I love murder mysteries. Iris Johansen, Kay Hooper, Jonathan Kellerman, Tami Hoag, Faye Kellerman and James Patterson are just a few in that genre that I like. I also read Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Anne Rice and Nora Roberts a lot. One of my favorite ways to unwind is to read. I also read on while I'm on the stationary bike at the gym and on planes so I guess I read alot!

I also collect dragons (especially pewter ones), Precious Moments and stuffed animals.

I love to garden. It's a nice peaceful thing to do when I'm not in the ring beating people up!! I have a great house with lots of flower beds and a pond. I plant tons of flowers in all different colors. It's good to live in Florida where things bloom all year round.

Love and Peace,

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