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Custom Videos & Photos Now Available!

You book the match...you write the script!

Custom Professional Wrestling Videos and Photos

... you write the storylines and pick the wrestlers. All moves are professional style wrestling. Story lines must be approved before final price is quoted.

Outfits can be chosen by the purchaser but must be similiar to what the ladies would normally wear and be approved by them. You can also special order outfits for your match. Please send your ideas, drawings or pictures to me and if they are approved, I'll send them to our seamstress Jolene at Creative Conclusions. You can check out her site for ideas at Creative Conclusions

There are a variety of ladies available to work in custom videos and photos with me. Don't be shy- just ask for who you are interested in for a video. We'll see if we can get them!

Custom Photosets

A full 50 pictures of your favorite holds and/or moves is only $150 for a two person set! You'll have to let me know of any particular or favorite holds or maneuvers so we can use them during the match or you can leave it up to us and be surprised! Your pictures will be put on a disk at 5 x 7/ 200ppi resolution size. If you want them printed out, please add $20. I retain all rights to internet use and/or sales.

From a custom photoset versus Valentina From a custom photoset versus Brandi Wine From a custom photoset versus Jenny Taylor

Custom Videos

As you will understand, costs for a custom video are $250 and up. A 12- 15 minute, no frills match will run $250. This means minimal script- just a basic outline. A full 30 minute match will cost $550. I always send out some photos via email when the match is done. That gives you a preview of what's in the mail to you!! Obviously, complicated scripts and special requests (for example, outfits that we may have to purchase or travel expenses) will be charged accordingly. I retain all rights to internet use and sales but you get a DVD, download or VHS copy (your choice) and pictures from the match that you've always dreamed of seeing!!

Please e-mail me at lexie123fyfe@yahoo.com to discuss specifics.

You can also check out the customs page at SLAMminladies which is where we post who will be at our next shoot. SLAMminladies customs page.

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