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-Aug 5th- new video in the Adjustment Room- tag team action!!!

-July 22nd- new pics in the member's area- Lexie vs Se7en Briggs

-June 17- new match in the members' area- Lexie vs Malia from a live show- She cheated!!!

-May 26- New video in the Adjustment Room- Lexie vs Amber from a custom shot on 11/23/02!! This one is for sale as a DVD on the site but I am going to have to take it down from there. The only copy I have of it has now deteriorated! Boo!! Thought I needed to get it online before I totally lose it!

-May 19- all pictures, t-shirts and DVDs have been discounted! Check them out now!

-May 7- new video- Lexie vs Malia- and the November POD Archive up now in the members' area!

-I am still looking for any matches with me throughout my career. I know there has to be more out there. I've seen the cameras at the shows!!!

-Interview up. It's online now at:
Indie Faith Podcast Show

-I am looking for anyone with any matches of mine on tape especially older ones. And if you were military overseas in 1999 and happen to have any of my matches against Wendi Richter, that would be most awesome!! Please send them to me at: Lexie Fyfe PoBox 2698 Valrico, FL 33595. Thanks!!!!!!

  • Still available in the member's area:
  • Lexie vs Malia Hosaka
  • Lexie vs Kat
  • Lexie vs Rain
  • Lexie vs Lacey
  • POD archive!

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